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The project is co-financed by the European Union from the European Social Fund

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Briefly about production and social entrepreneurship

Moira Laheza company conducts business based on the principles of social, environmental and economic sustainability, where the generated profit/surplus income is fully or largely invested for the benefit of the community.

The aforementioned social entrepreneurial activity is an integral part in the development of new processing plants for cheese and meat. The new mini-cheese and meat processing plant, in addition to the aforementioned social enterprise component, will also be based on the development of high-quality products, the use of top-quality raw materials, production according to the highest European standards and the use of raw materials from local OPGs.

The development of new processing plants was financed through the Open permanent invitation, strengthening the business of social entrepreneurs - phase I. according to which Moira Lahez's company was awarded grants for the implementation of the EU project "Returning flavors through social entrepreneurship" UP. The partners in the implementation of the mentioned EU project are the Bjelovar - Bilogora County, the Bjelovar Technology Park and the Bjelovar Center for the Development of Civil Society.

The total value of the EU project "Returning flavors through social entrepreneurship" amounts to HRK 1,187,007.95. The project was financed 85% by grants from the European Social Fund and 15% by funds from the state budget. The project is implemented over 30 months.

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HACCP quality system in the production process of Moira Lahez's company

Moira Laheza implements the concept of systematic food safety management in its production processes

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